Poll: Mixed Gender K-Pop Groups-Yes or No

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K-Pop industry might be as huge as the ocean itself, with countless no. of idols debuting almost every month. But this famous area has divided into Boy groups and Girl groups. But have you ever wondered why aren’t there any definite no. of mixed gender k-pop groups in the league?

The most simplest answer to this is that yes, there were mixed gender k-pop groups like Sunny Hill and COED School but they eventually disbanded due to being less recognized than the others and went on their own ways.

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There were also groups which were formed out of bands eg. Troublemaker (which was a huge hit with their songs) and Lucky J, which recently disbanded. The K-Pop group with mixed gender members is the one and only AKMU, which is going on the top list due to their exceptionally great vocals. Indie acoustic group Standing Egg can also be considered in it a one of the instrument player is a girl.

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But are these really enough? K-pop is famous in each and every way possible except for this fact. There are a lot of talented idols who are in a number of k-pop groups or the kids who are trainees right now. I’m pretty sure that if one of the big or great company debut and manage them well it could be a total success and would take the world of K-Pop to even greater heights. Doesn’t hurts to try, does it?

What are your thoughts on it?


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