‘She Was Pretty” to be Remade into Chinese Drama

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It looks like China will likewise be picking up popular MBS Drama “She Was Pretty” for the remake version of their new television series.

“She Was Pretty” which finished airing last November has gained lot of attention from viewers of Korea and China, it became popular enough that the title of the drama became the most popular search word on Weibo which is china’s largest social networking platform.

The cast for the remake version is not yet finalized except for the female lead where young and beautiful Dilraba Dilmurat is being considered for the role played by Hwang Jung-Eum in the original version. Meanwhile, the excited local fans went on picking up their own favorite actors who are potential enough to take over the other characters.

The Chinese remake version is going to be Korean-Chinese joint production between Jaywalk studio and Bon factory, where the original writer Jo Seong He will be taking part in the script writing.

“She was Pretty” the popular MBC series has recorded the highest rating of all other Korean dramas across all networks that aired on the same time slot and concluded with double rating. “She was Pretty” appealed to the viewers for its simple, yet satisfying plot with candor in its directions, which resulted in discussions of extending the series which would have been successful if it weren’t for Siwon’s military enlistment.

Well, we are definitely looking forward to this remake and rest assured the rom-com drama is definitely going to be the most anticipated drama in China !

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