PSY ”DADDY” is back with a bang [Review]


The ever famous ‘Gangnam Style’ singer Psy (Park Jae Sang) has blown the minds of the audience once more by dropping a new MV called ‘Daddy’ featuring the “baddest female” CL of 2NE1.

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The three generations of Psy in the MV.

The MV begins with Psy in a labor ward being mauled by his wife as she delivers a baby. The newborn is then handed over to Psy by none other than You Hee Yeol and the baby is (surprise! surprise!) played by Psy himself. In a hilarious setting Psy’s face has been edited onto a child’s body. The child is shown a couple of years later in kindergarten making all the young girls swoon “hot and bothered” with his overflowing charms. What’s a Psy video if no queen bee makes an appearance and in this video we get not only one but two of them (Yeah!!!). First Ha Jiwon who makes an appearance as the shy pretty Kindergarten teacher whom Psy charmed with a single wink.

Kpop India {kpop-india}PSY ”DADDY” is back with a bang [Review]x240 478This irresistible personality seems to run in the family as the father and grandfather (also played by Psy) are later shown literally dancing their way into the ladies’s hearts. By this point it’s pretty obvious that the chorus is a nod towards’sI got it from my mama’ since the main lyric goes “Where’d you get that body from? I got it from my Daddy.” It’s not unlike Psy to make parodies but it’s sure to raise some eyebrows where originality is concerned though sure seems to think it’s a good idea since he has co-produced the song. There is also a salsa-dancing Psy present in the MV possibly to show one of the many aspects of “Daddy’s” allure and the you-cannot-miss-it manly chest hair.

maxresdefault {kpop-india}PSY ”DADDY” is back with a bang [Review]maxresdefault10Finally, the moment every K-popper has been waiting for. The other queen bee CL makes an appearance on the TV screen in the video as all three Psy(s)appears to be completely enamored by her. The scene then shifts to grandpa Psy who beats another elderly man in a card game and proceeds to celebrate his victory by dancing like the macho man he is.

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CL cartwheeled ( Oh! My feels) out of nowhere and the chorus ensues as she asks Psy enticingly where he got that body from. The three generations of Psy then started a dance meltdown and the video comes to an end with grandpa Psy spraying paint over the camera.

What makes a K-pop video more famous is that one catchy English line. ‘Daddy’ has an abundance of it. CL’s blink-and-it’s-gone screen time however might have come as a huge disappointment to the audience. The MV was not at all unexpected and yet somehow shockingly weird and hilarious at the same time. It has all the elements a Psy video has; lots of girls, colorful settings, suggestive lyrics, extremely queer but funny scenarios. Of course, there is the absolutely catchy chorus and a signature step that’s bound to go viral! The video has received over 4 million views in just 20 hours!  Current views = 24,675,655 views and increasing rapidly .

So, how do you like Psy now?



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