PSY release teaser image for his comeback !


The ‘Gangnam’ star who swept off the music scene and brought in huge hallyu wave all over the world , Park Jae-Sang popularly known as PSY will soon be making his comeback and one thing is for sure , we are definitely going to get our dancing shoes on!

PSY posted this teaser image on his official facebook page and well the holiday season has just started, so consider this as a double treat. 😀

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PSY has announced his comeback  “PSY 7TH ALBUM” with a cute image of himself. The MV will release on 1st december and the countdown has officially started too!

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PSY ‘s has begun the countdown from 24th November and it will continue till 29th November 11pm KST on his channel. You can subscribe and watch the live stream through Vapp !

Looks like december is going to kick off with a pretty good start for PSY fan’s, isn’t it ?