PSY decides to stay with YG Family and renews contract

PSY is staying with YG Family for another 3 years!


With Psy being known for his loyalty and his close relationship with YG Entertainment, fans got a confirmed news when it was revealed on Dec. 2 by a representative at YG Entertainment which is Psy’s management company, that PSY has renewed his concert with YG Entertainment for another 3 years based on good trust, confidence and friendship with contract negotiations going smoothly. He had earlier renewed his contract in 2010, when he signed a 5-year contract with the company. Yes, he had signed on with the company even before the hit of ‘Gangnam Style’ and PSY had mentioned earlier that he was very thankful to YG Entertainment for the support that he has received.

On Nov. 30, Psy had released back-to-back music videos for “Daddy” a tribute/gender remake of Will.I.Am’s ‘I Got It From My Mama’  featuring 2NE1 Leader CL and ‘Napal Baji’ (Bell Bottoms)  from his latest album ‘Chiljip PSY-Da’ and had a comeback stage at MAMA 2015.

The MV of ‘Daddy’ has already more than 21 million views since its release hence making fans to assume that this could be the next ‘Gangnam Style’. The MV of ‘Napal Baji’ has also more than 6 million views which is considerably very high as compared to other KPOP music videos.  The album has 9 songs and which features eminent singers like Ed Sheeren, Will.I.Am, Zion T, CL, XIA of JYJ amongst others. It maybe mentioned that one of his songs, ‘Dream’ from his new album which features XIA of JYJ is a homage to Shin Hae Chul, and all proceeds from the song will go to Shin Hae Chul’s family.

In celebration of PSY renewing his contract with YG Entertainment, let’s watch his new MV’s! Which one do you prefer?



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