PSY’s ‘Gentlemen’ MV hits 900 Million views! PSY is here to stay!

PSY's 'Gentlemen' hits 900 Million!


When PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ took over the world in 2012, many assumed that it would be a ‘One hit wonder’ (Currently the MV has 2,466,914,502 views and counting) but he proved it wrong when he came back with his anticipated comeback with ‘Gentlemen’ on 2013.

‘Gentlemen’ took over charts worldwide not only with the MV but with the song as well when it took over iTunes charts and debuted on No. 12 on Billboard Hot 100 and it has added another feather to its cap! The MV has reached 900 Million views! 900,473,094 views and counting when this article was written.


With a classic ‘signature dance step’ in every song and the catchy beats, it’s no wonder that he keeps coming up with hit songs.  In 2013, PSY released the MV of ‘Hangover’ featuring Snoop Dogg.


This song however did not receive much praises when you compare it PSY’s other hits like ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentlemen’. Although it did chart most charts. Most of his fans claimed that the song seemed like it was targeted for the international audience but as compared to other KPOP songs by other KPOP artists, this song did really great too as it has 228,399,873 views and counting. That’s a huge number of views as even major KPOP artists have not been able to achieve this, so this definitely was a success as well.

Following the success of ‘Gangnam Style’, ‘Gentlemen’, ‘Hangover’,  PSY recently released the MV of  ‘Daddy’ featuring 2NE1 CL and has been gaining great reviews with some media terming it as the next ‘Gangnam Style’ . Fans also believe that with this latest comeback, PSY has found his original style  back and this MV is definitely crazier than his other songs. It also features signature dance steps and has a great along with catchy lines like, ‘Where’d you get that body from’ and ‘I got it from my daddy’. Since its release on November 30, the MV has gained 32,472,641 views and counting!


Probably one of the biggest comeback in 2015, PSY has once again proved that he is definitely here to stay and that he is no ‘one hit wonder’.

Congratulations PSY on 900 Million views on ‘Gentlemen’ and we hope ‘Daddy’ reaches great heights too! 


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