Rainbow Makes Their Comeback with “Whoo”

Rainbow scream out "Whoo" in their comeback!


Scream out “Whoo” as the girls of Rainbow are finally back!

Rainbow has released their mini-album “PRISM” and also finally revealed their full music video for their comeback title track “Whoo”. Unlike their previous recent releases which leaned on a more serious musical style, Whoo brings back the colour in the girls of Rainbow as they shine in their new release.

In their latest release, Rainbow sing about the youthful and blossoming love experienced by them while they are also not too sure of how much trustworthy the feelings expressed for them are which shows off their innocent and young charms. Still the girls are adorably in love as they scream “Whoo” at the beautiful emotion of love.

With some bright colours, Rainbow lives up to their name as they brighten up the winter with their colourful music video. Sporting some chic style, the girls look fabulous and sexy as they even have fun while singing of their love. Check out the music video below.

The girls of Rainbow have made their comeback after a hiatus of almost a year with the release of their last mini album “INNOCENT”.

Did you enjoy the colourful comeback of Rainbow?


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