With Hallyu wave sweeping across the country at a rapid rate , 2015 ended in a colourful note with Korea festival 2015 . Meanwhile , 2016 was a fresh blossom kickstart with the announcement of Dabit in India and before we could even swallow the whole excitement, here is another news that will make you be even more happy that you are breathing the same air in the country capital !

Organised by Delhi University Korean Students Union (DUKSU) , 2016 KOREAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL is set to entrain your love for Korean culture as they take you to a fun-filled experience on 20th of February.

Check out the official poster for more details :

kpop india {kpop-india}Get ready for 2016 KOREAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL !korean festival1

Originally started as Korean Irresistible Film Festival (KIFF) in the year 2005 by DUKSU, the festival was organised as an annual cultural and film festival which included exhibitions and cultural events for/by Korean students in Delhi. Marking the huge interest of audiences from other communities , the festival has been gaining a lot of attention ever since its first KIFF 10 years ago.

This year the fest was renamed as 2016 KOREAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL with a vision to bridge the cultural exchange between Korean and Indian students of Delhi University as well as for people who enjoys Korean culture and further to maintain a firm relationship between the two countries India -Korea .

We hear that the event has all that you would ask for -from Korean food to movie to fashion show to play to dance , you name it and they have it . Yes! the list goes on so experience the Korean culture treat for 10 long hours!

You be the judge and check out what 2016 KOREAN FESTIVAL has to offer!

kpop india {kpop-india}Get ready for 2016 KOREAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL !korean festival

PHEW! If this doesn’t excite you , we don’t know what will because we are definitely pumped up for this event . What are you waiting for ? Mark your calendar’s and save the DATE!

Hold on, did we mention you don’t need any entry fee and it’s open to all ?

Spread the news and come be a part of the festival. See you on 20th February !


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