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Reasons Why You Should Watch Reply 1988

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the Reply series. Nostalgia? the “mehh..” For those who haven’t seen or heard about the Reply series, it is a rom com series by channel tvN, set up in earlier days of 1997, 1994 and is now back with its third series set up in 1988.

When we gather around people, especially older people, they often reminiscence and tell us their stories, so much that the phrase “back in our days…” is stuck in our minds and this reply series gives you the opportunity to remember it, all the time.

So what does the new series has to offer? You still can’t decide whether to watch the drama or not? We bring you some major reasons to convince you to do so!

  • Nostalgia
    Instead of wrist watches which can work like mobile phones, we, Indians, relate more with the feeling of “tring tring” landline phones. The habit of sharing food with our neighbors is also still practiced and this Reply series will take you back to your ‘good old time’ and have you smiling to yourself.

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  • Love Triangle
    What is a K drama without love triangles? The Reply series with its trademark “Guess the husband” plot is back. Won’t it be fun to go back and forth between the sweet Baduk payer and the sassy boy next door? Or will it be like-me-like-you friend?

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  • Family
    Korean dramas like Indian dramas, always give special importance to family values. The slow and simple lives of people from 1988 gives us more time to appreciate these values, and love our family even more! When a character playing the role of a mother died, it brought so much sadness and tears to the viewers as well.

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  • Friendship

What is the first thing you say to your friend when he wins a big competition? Congra…      “Treat!!!” Friendship never gets old, whether its 1988 or 2015, and neither do friends.   Watching these crazy friends, will make you miss yours.

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  • Girl power
    The Reply series has given us crazy fans like Si Won and Na Jeong and now we have another one in the lot, our Duk Seonnie! Girl’s Day – Hyeri plays the lead role of a nice yet insane girl and she will definitely inspire you to go crazy!

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  • Samcheonpo!!!!
    Uri Samcheonpo is back! The quiet, shy Samcheonpo from Reply 1944 is back but as a not-so-funny-but-still-we-love-him Kim Sajang. His antics will make you fall off the chair while laughing.

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The Reply series never disappointed us and has always given us enough ‘sweet’ scenes to stick to the series plus the guessing plot lines. This is one drama you would not regret watching! The Reply series makes you fall in love over and over again and has those sweet moments which you can’t help but ‘aww’ over like watching Jung Hwan protect his chingu/one-sided-love Duk Seon definitely not the shirtless scenes!

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Let us know which is your favorite REPLY series or which is your favorite EP so far in this new series, if you have started watching it!

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