Red Velvet Drops MV Teaser for Comeback

Red Velvet are enchanting in their MV Teaser!


Get ready for some haunting and illuminating comeback!

Girl group Red Velvet is making their comeback and has been releasing slew of teaser pictures for their upcoming mini-album “The Velvet” garnering much attention to what seems to be their eventful turn into a much mature concept than their previous releases.

Now, SM Entertainment has released the music video teaser for their upcoming title track “One of Those Nights” and the teaser looks dark and beautiful as we see the members floating on the water with a starry sky above them. The concept of the music seems different from what the girls have done before as we get a taste of some slow music which perfectly compliments the teaser.

Red Velvet will be making their comeback with their mini-album “The Velvet” and the music video for their title track “One of Those Nights” will be released on March 16th at midnight KST.  Red Velvet will also be doing a remake of SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man’s classic song “Rose Scent Breeze” in their album. The song which was originally released in 1989 will be sung by members Wendy, Seulgi and Joy and will perfectly express the song’s emotions of the pain of love and separation through their vocal abilities.

“The Velvet” will drop on March 16th. Who is looking forward to Red Velvets comeback?


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