Red Velvet Sing of “One of These Nights” in Comeback MV

Red Velvet are back!


Red Velvet is back with their enchanting trip of their music video!

Girl group Red Velvet have finally made their comeback with the release of the full music video of their comeback title track “One of These Nights” from their mini-album “The Velvet”.

With a one day delay in their comeback, the girls of Red Velvet made it up with their enchantingly stunning visuals as they look forlorn and sad while walking around in an amazing set as they reminiscence their past with their parted lover and hope to meet him again in this slow R&B ballad.

Check out their music video:

Red Velvet has dropped their mini-album “The Velvet” after their success with their first full length album “The Red” which released the hit title track “Dumb Dumb”. This is quite a change of musical genre for Red Velvet as they present a more matured concept in their new release.

Did you enjoy Red Velvet’s new title track?


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