Red Velvet’s Wendy Discusses Her Rapid Weight Loss and Reveals the One Important Characteristic That All Good Looking People Have in Common!


Red Velvet‘s Wendy recently appeared on a variety show to address various concerns surrounding her rapid weight loss. She also talked about the one important characteristic that all good looking people have in common— confidence!

As both male and female Kpop idols deal with a tremendous amount of stress due to the strict beauty standards within the industry, which includes maintaining a slim body, many have voiced concerns about their physical and mental health.

Maintaining weight is a top priority, and many idols often resort to extreme measures to do so– this results in unhealthy habits like starving themselves, which often progresses to full-fledged eating disorders. Recently, JinE of Oh My Girl went on a hiatus to receive treatment for anorexia. But while dieting and maintaining weight has definitely become one of the top obstacles for idols, Wendy believes it shouldn’t be.

“I don’t think things such as weight are that important. BEING healthy is sufficient. it’s really pretty when women are confident… There are many women who are healthy and have so much confidence when they walk, THAT is really cool. Hence no matter how people’s outer appearance and no matter how they are, we overlook these kind of things because that is just so cool. For me, I really THINK that is great.”

Wendy reassured everyone that her weight loss was by choice, and even revealed her diet and exercise plan to prove that everything she was doing was healthy.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s last comeback was with “Russian Roulette” in September.


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