Reporter claiming Seungri was drunk driving, to restitute 7 million KRW

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In September 2014, there was a report of BIGBANG’s Seungri involving in a car accident. Seungri attended a party in a club and after he left to drive home, he accidentally over speeded and ended up hitting a car in front of him.

A reporter who was attending the same party was told by someone that they had witnessed Seungri drinking alcohol. After this, the reporter wrote two articles and few twitter posts claiming that Seungri was drunk driving. Because the police had examined Seungri at the time of the accident and declared that he was not drunk, Seungri sued the reporter for defamation and demanded 50 million KRW as indemnity.

On August 21, a Seoul Central District Court judge ruled the final decision in favour of Seungri and ordered that the reporter would have to reimburse Seungri by paying a fine of 7 Million KRW(approximately $6,300).


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