Roh Ji Hoon’s ‘If You Were Me’ MV review


Love is a Universal language so does Music and when both of them combines, its a ‘Feeling’ which you can’t explain, ‘If you were me’ MV by solo artist Roh Ji Hoon stands true to above words .

rjhiuwm {kpop-india}Roh Ji Hoon’s ‘If You Were Me’  MV reviewrjhiuwm

Roh Ji Hoon is a Solo artist under Cube Entertainment and a former contestant of MBC’s Birth of a Great Star.
In September 2015 Roh Ji Hoon came back with his 2nd mini Album ‘Feeling’  along with MV of its title track ‘ If you were me’ .This ballad deals with a person’s feeling for his lover and how much he wants to tell her ‘If you were me ,you would want to love me like the way I do and if I would be you ,I want to love a person like me because only I can love you so deeply’ .This song is a depiction of serenity and contentment a lover feels when he falls in love.The moment he realises he found the one and he would do anything he can to keep her happy.
The song lyrics along with MV picturization shows the most accurate emotion any one would feel when they find their The One and how much they want to convince this person to fall in love with them.
This review is coming to you after a good amount of time passed . But let’s just say it’s never too late to appreciate good music.Right?

Now curious about this Ballad ? Go check out this beautifully written song .



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