Rookie Group SNUPER Reported to Be In A Car Accident!


Rookie group Snuper were reported to be in a minor car accident on April 7. Luckily, there were no major injuries.

It was reported that on April 7, after completing a broadcast, as the members were returning, they met with an accident around 10:30 p.m. KST. Boarding the car were members Sangil, Sangho, Sebin, along with some staff members. The accident took place in Seoul, near the southern part of the Hannam Bridge. Back in November 2015 too, when the group had just debuted they had a minor collision after returning from a performance.

WidMay Entertainment, Snuper’s management agency, revealed the crash to be a minor one. They further added, “We had a slight fender-bender and thankfully no major injuries. The members received examinations and physical therapy before heading to ‘Music Bank’ for rehearsal.” The idol group are currently busy with the promotions of their recently track ‘Platonic Love’.

We hope the boys don’t have to face anything like this ever again. Drive safely everyone!


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