Rookie group VAV drops comeback MV teaser of Brotherhood


Rookie group VAV will make a comeback on 10th May with their 2nd mini album BROTHERHOOD!

After a series of pre-promotion events, the group officially kicked off the comeback promotion with the release of their first image teaser couple of days ago.

Now the group has release the MV teaser giving a sneak peek of what is to come. This comeback will not only bring in a new concept but VAV will return as a seven-member group with new member “ZeHan”.

In the teaser video, the group unveils a cool transformation from sexy vampires to hip-hop vampires. The MV itself is intriguing combined with intense beats. The fans sure can look forward to this anticipated comeback. Check out the teaser below.

Stay tuned for VAV’s 2nd album ‘BROTHERHOOD’, set for release at 10th May!


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