Rookie Groups TWICE & Lovelyz Perform in JTBC’s Sugar Man

Check out TWICE & Lovelyz Performance!


Rookie girl groups TWICE & Lovelyz recently appeared in the variety show “Sugar Man” where they battled it off and showed their moves.

TWICE performed their hot debut single “Ooh Ahh” and won hearts with their synchronized dance moves and charm while Lovelyz performed their third single “Ah-Choo” filled with cute moves making the MCs sing along to the addictive number.

Check out their performance below.

TWICE also made news with their amazing live performance, a remake of the song “Women are Worst” impressing everyone with their sexy routine beside their powerful vocals.

Check out their performance.

The two groups have been gaining attention for their talents and strong debut, and have been considered top rookies of 2015. Seeing them battle it out in Sugar Man, fans had a tough time picking who performed better as both the groups had excellent stage performances.


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