Rookie Idol group VAV is set to make their comeback early this May with a new album!

VAV debuted as a 6 membered idol group under AQ Entertainment on October 31st, 2015 with their first mini album “Under the Moonlight“. Presently, the group comprises of GyeoUl, Jacob, St.Van, BaRon, Ace, Xiao and ZeHan (new member). VAV is currently gearing up for their comeback and this time they are bringing in a powerful concept with hip-hop swag unlike their debut concept which had a mysterious vampire approach.

The group’s prelude into the industry was an intriguing event as the members were introduced through a Webtoon series titled “Under the Moonlight” prior to the group’s official debut. The series portrayed each member as a character with special power based on Vampires-Werewolves theme. The webtoon was done in collaboration with a well-known Korean web comic artist Ha Il-Kwon and its first series was released on October 15, via VAV’s official Weibo account.

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VAV’s 2nd album webtoon edition titled “Lost in Memories” is already released (March 14th 2016) and is on its 5th Episode currently. New episodes is released every Monday and Wednesday at 7PM through VAV’s official Facebook.

The new series will unveiled the hidden secrets of the members as the story progresses. The series is an extension of the 1st album ‘Under the moonlight’ which narrated VAV’s birth story and how they found out their untold destiny. The new series will also reveal the finding of a lost member which confirms the addition of a new member to the group.

vav webtoon story trailer ep1_eng {kpop-india}Rookie Idol Group VAV to make a Comeback soon!vav webtoon story trailer ep1 eng 1024x853

*Highlights of [LOST IN MEMORIES] – Episode 1*

With the release of the new webtoon series initiating the journey for the group’s comeback, the fans are more excited then ever. You can follow VAV official account through the following links!

Official Facebook

Official Twitter

Official Instagram

Official Fan Café

Meanwhile, check out VAV debut track below to get a feel of the boys before their anticipated comeback.

Are you excited for VAV comeback? How are you liking the series so far?

Share your thoughts with us and stay tune for more updates on VAV comeback right here!!


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