Royal Pirates asks you to ‘Run Away’ with them

Royal Pirates are back and they are asking you to 'Run Away' with them!


The wait is over and ‘Royal Pirates’ is back with their 3rd Mini Album ‘3:3’ written by the members themselves with ‘Run Away’ as their title track. Unlike their other songs from previous albums, this song is quiet different and has a full rock vibe along with EDM and we are definitely not complaining.

The meaning behind the album 3:3 has been explained as, ‘Once is by chance: twice by coincidence: but three consecutive times is confirmation’.

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‘Royal Pirates’ was suppose to have an earlier comeback but with their member James being injured, the comeback was postponed and they have joined the November comeback. James had a severe injury on his wrist when he had gone to a restaurant to meet his friend and the door collapsed on him. He had been nursing his injury but because it is was so severe, he had to give up playing bass. On the group’s comeback showcase, James spoke about how shocking it was for him to give up playing bass which he had been playing for 13 years and that changing the instrument caught him off guard. On this MV thus, James can be seen playing Keyboard.

The new album definitely shows that the members have grown musically and we love it! Plus the good looks and who says no to guys who plays instruments?

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With ‘Run Away’, Royal Pirates are definitely stealing hearts! Don’t believe us? Check out their MV below.



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