Who rule the world??? K-POP


“Who even likes K-Pop?”, they said, “They have no talent.”, they said.

Well, our Idols once again proved these comments wrong.

Astro, Seventeen and Taeyeon reserved their well-deserved place in the Billboard’s World Album Chart’s Top 10 with their recent comebacks. The ranking is based on weekly sales data of top-selling World Music Albums.

Kpop India

As a rookie group, debuted in February 2016, Astro has done an impressive job ranking at number 6 with their second mini-album “Summer Vibes”, released on July 1st. This ranking is helping them gain lots of attention. These lads are living up to their name “Ästro”(star), aren’t they??

Taeyeon, after being at the top of various South Korean charts, has reserved her place for the second time in a Billboard chart ranking. She holds the Seventh rank with her second mini-album “Why”. Girl power!!! She is winning the K-pop world with her solo career. Fighting Unnie!!

Say the name!! Seventeen. Since their debut, this 13 member boy group have gained a lot of attention and love from their fans. This “self-producing” group released their full-length studio album “Love & letter” on 25 April, which gained them the ninth place in Billboard World Albums Chart.

As for the icing on the cake, BTS is ruling the Billboard Trending 140 list with FIRE and I NEED YOU at 1st and 3rd place respectively. This list contains the up-to-the-minute ranking of fastest moving or the most shared songs on Twitter in the U.S. See the Hallyu Wave. Go there ARMYs!!

Kpop india2

Therefore, the conclusion is that…. WE RULE!!!!

Tell us what do you think about these albums in the comments???



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