Run Away by Royal Pirates – MV REVIEW


 Runaway is a beautiful dub-step rock song and is also the title track of their new album “3.3”. As the music video begins, James and Exsy starts playing their instruments passionately with Moon the lead vocal singing.


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kpop india





We then see Eksy holding a flower and the petals been blown way .Exsy’s scene represents his mother who has been suffering from an illness for a long time.


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Moon is seen holding a picture of him and his brother but it gets replaced by a white flower which he keeps on the ground and then he picks up his guitar and starts playing along with other members. Moon’s represents the loss of his brother (Moonchan) who died in a car incident and how his brother’s dreams lives on through his own .


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kpop india





James picks up his bass guitar and slams it against the huge steel shield  breaking the guitar which represents his farewell to the instrument he’s been playing since 13 years. James’s wrist got severely injured because of which he was forced to give up on playing his favorite instrument.

There is a lot of raw emotions in both the music as well as the video. All these scenes symbolize the struggles the members have faced in real life.

kpop indiakpop indiakpop india

The symbolism in this music video are such as,
Moon with a screen monitor covering his mouth ,
Exsy blindfolded and tied in chains while playing the drums
and James breaking his bass guitar into pieces

Exsy then breaks free from the chains and the members play a breathtaking instrumental breakdown. Moon throws the screen away which was in front of his mouth and James’s broken pieces of bass and the huge shield were set on fire. We see the flower in Exsy’s hand going back to normal showing his mother’s recovery.

This music video is Royal Pirates’s way of saying that they’ve fought through the difficulties and now they are over their pain, dilemma, frustration and headed to a new start.

After all the hardships they went through, this is a really perfect comeback song. The symbolism, the emotions , the meaningful lyrics and the increasing powerful music makes this music video a brilliant piece. Do check out the other songs in the album.

  • Let U Go
  • Too Fast
  • U & I
  • Dangerous
  • Without You

Author’s Note: There’s a 4th person in the music video whom James described as Enik-Hyung who is a skilled DJ, producer , vocalists etc.



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