Sam Kim To Release His Debut Album ‘My Name Is Sam’

The 18 year old runner up from Kpopstar Season 3, is soon to launch his own album.

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Kim Gun-ji aka Sam Kim who is widely known as the runner up SBS Kpop Star Season 3, back in 2014 and he is now launching the first part of his debut album.

The 18 year old Korean American singer shall release his debut album titled “My Name Is Sam” soon. It includes three tracks, Mama Don’t Worry (title song), Seattle and Your Song. His label agency, Antenna Music revealed that all the three songs have been written, composed and arranged by the singer/songwriter himself including the guitar harmony. The third track ‘Your Song’ also features his fellow label agency singers Lee Jin-ah, Jung Seung-hwan and Kwon Jin-ah.

Kpop India {kpop-india}Sam Kim To Release His Debut Album ‘My Name Is Sam’SamKim

The debut album is a musical autobiography of the singer/songwriter. The track ‘Mama Dont Worry’ signifies his honest feelings about his roots and how he misses his family. The second track ‘Seattle’ showcases his inspiration from his hometown Seattle. The third track ‘Your Song’ states step by step significant moments of his life that lead him to fulfill his cherished dream with his debut music album.

The first part of his album containing the debut single, ‘Mama Dont Worry’ shall be released on March 28th, with the second part slated to be released in mid April.

Sam Kim moved from US to Korea three years ago to become a musician. He participated in SBS’s Kpopstar earning rave reviews for being a guitar genius and a crowd puller.

For those who do not know what to expect from this debut, take a look at the below exemplary performances of Sam Kim on SBS KpopStar Season 3 from two years ago.

Who else is looking forward to Sam Kim’s debut? For more information on his debut follow his official instagram or Antenna Music’s facebook page.

Congratulations on your debut Sam Kim!!!


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