Seolhyun is The New Honorary Ambassador For National Election Commission

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AOA’s Seolhyun gets the honor of being the Honorary Ambassador for the upcoming general Election in Korea this April!

kpop india

On Thursday March 3, 2016 AOA’s Seolhyun was chosen as the Honorary Ambassador by the Commission for the 20th National Assembly Election in Korea.¬†Seolhyun received the official appointment for her new post as the ambassador when she attended a ceremony as per the reports.

Commission General Kim Yong Hee stated that Seolhyun has been receiving a lot of love from the public lately and with her as the Honorary Ambassador for the election, they have great expectations that the election will be a good way to depict a healthy culture in the society.

As the Honorary Ambassador, Seolhyun will perform her duties by taking part in the commercials and advertisements that will be used for the election. Seolhyun commented that she will try her best to be a good representative in encouraging the people to vote and promote a healthy culture.


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