SEVENTEEN Presents a Valentine’s Gift by Announcing their Official Fandom Name

Are you ready to be a "Carat" to SEVENTEEN!


Valentine’s day was a treat for SEVENTEEN fans as the boys spend the day of LOVE with them at their concert “LIKE SEVENTEEN- Boys Wish” on February 14.

Another news added to their bonus as the rookie group SEVENTEEN announced their fandom name during the concert as a surprise to their fans! After some initial performances of some of their hit songs, Hoshi announced to the fans that the group had something to reveal to the fans. Leader S.Coups then took center stage and thanked fans for supporting the group throughout and announced the fandom name to be “Carat” with the hope that both the fans and SEVENTEEN will shine brighter in future.

“Carat” was the choice which was picked by most of the fans in the online voting held by SEVENTEEN where fans were given six options from which they had to pick one and vote for their fandom name that they want.

SEVENTEEN also posted a video in their official Instagram page where they announced the successful ending of their concert and also hoping to see their fans now addressed as “Carats” soon.

SEVENTEEN has been constantly on the rise as a group to look out as they swept charts in 2015 and won the hearts of many along with the collaborations  listing the top artists. SEVENTEEN also had an all sold out tickets for their encore concert “LIKE SEVENTEEN- Boys Wish” in five minutes further cementing their status as a top notch rookie group.

Congratulations to the boys of SEVENTEEN and Carat’s!


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