SF9 Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With Fantasy!


With so many good memories to carry, the act of nine enters into another year of bliss.

SF9 formed under FNC Entertainment celebrates their three year journey as a nonet after debuting on October 5, 2016 with their first single album Feeling Sensation. The act formed by a survival program, Neoz School becomes the first and only boy dance group of the company.

With numerous hits and persistence the nine-piece act has gained a solid place in the industry. In order to celebrate the three long, successful years, the fans decided to express their love and gratitude with beautiful notes and by trending “#SF9_3rd_Anniversary” in various social media.

The nonet also joined the trending party recognizing their beloved FANTASY with pretty selfies and notes on their twitter. A self filmed video message for both SF9 and FANTASY were also released by the members.

To.SF9 – From.SF9


Adding up to the celebration, our Desi FANTASYs shared their joy and appreciation of being part with SF9 all these years and gave us their heart whelming self return messages, thanking and wishing them success.

“Sf9, you Nine cuties, thank you so much for making me realize that cuteness doesn’t have any limit in this world. 😝 Thank you so much for making songs which impacted my life so lovingly, I can’t thank you enough for that.💛 Taeyang, your dance is just magnificent and Chani, your adorableness is speechless. 💙 Thanks for making me smile every day I see you. Thank you for being my comfort and showing what it truly means to be happy just like you always are. You all make me fall in love with music and dance all over again. 🧡 Words can’t define the love we all have for you, it’s immeasurable. Thanks for picking me up by your songs when I’m on the verge of falling down. Thank You for showing what friendship can actually mean for someone and how important it is to live a life happily. Never let your bond become weak, never fade away cause fading will fade us in a way you can’t imagine. Thanks for everything. You are our unforgettable inspiration. We look up to you. We admire you. We love you. I love you. ❤” Swarnim Koteshwar from Pune

“Happiest 3rd year of your most beautiful debut….. It was always been amazing to see you all in sync in choreos and messed up in dorms…. Just stay as you are always….. Hope to see you forever and ever,through MIDNIGHT ROAD ….. We all will always be your ECHO …. You make us feel LIFE IS SOO BEAUTIFUL being in fantasy land… Can’t get ENOUGH of your visuals, vocals, rapping, stage performances……stay SF9 forever… Lots of love from India”Your beloved fantasySonali from Mumbai

“Happiest 3rd year to these lovely angels who literally brought happiness to my gloomy days….it’s just not only their song which heals me.But also their personalities having a big impact on my personality…I ALWAYS used to adore them so much they meant world to me…I know them since Neoz school … I literally saw my babies grow…no matter how the tough situation is they never leave fantasies side they always think about us first they always remind us no matter how bad your day was we r here to love you and make you feel special …” Your always fantasy – Vishakha

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SF9 Twitter

“Happy 3rd Anniversary to nine sensational artists! It’s been a wild ride watching you grow, supporting you. We’ve laughed with you, celebrated you, and celebrated for you. We’ve cried with you, and worried about you. And you’ve always, always made us SO proud! You give us FANTASY so much love, we can feel it in all that you say and in all that you do for us. We’ll always be here with you. We’ll tease you like you tease us, we’ll make jokes and memes and give you weird nicknames. We’ll always cherish you. Forever and ever, we’ll be your echo. Let’s run together for a long, long time. Happy Anniversary!”Ishitaa, New Delhi

“안녕 에셉구 가족, 행복한 3 년 기념일. 축하해요. 🎉Thank you for debuting. You guys changed my life in such a positive way and gave me hope to live my life better. Thank you for giving me a meaningful aim. Thank you as your existence itself is a gift to me.💝 Happy 3rd Anniversary guys. Let’s go on for more and more years together. 💞 Let’s meet someday soon.💕 Love you sooo sooo much. 사랑해요 얘들아.❤” Komal Koteshwar from Pune,India. 💓

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On Behalf of the team, we thank the act for coming together as one and blessing us with good music, we also wish them all success and blessings in upcoming years. Let’s hope to meet the nonet soon in India.

Do share your wishes and messages to SF9 by tagging @SF9_FANCLUB and @SF9official.

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