SF9 Narcissus [Album Review]

From FNC Entertainment

With mythical tales, SF9 released their sixth mini album Narcissus on 20th of February. The six track album is a pure bliss to listen to. Known for their unique music standards, SF9 yet again proves through their single and B tracks. The increasing popularity gained through their recent comeback is indeed a gift they have earned from their efficient work in the past years.

Now, let me give you a review gist to know more about the album.

The well received single, “Enough” tops as first in the playlist making us experience different genres of music in a single listen. Unlike other normal titles, “Enough” is neither a jarring up-beat nor a lullaby but a perfect mix of pop and bass. A blend of EDM makes the song stand out different from typical K-pop style. With a catchy chorus “Don’t get any prettier”, the lines quickly gets hold of the listeners.

Zuho once again surprised us with another groovy piece “Play Hard”. The funk gets highly preferable as soon as the rap line take over the track. Flattering every FANTASY out there, the nonet share sweet message on not to worry about school or job for a night and get to the beat. The signature line “Make it groovy like me” is a niche.

(I personally want you to check my most favorite performance stage of the song till date.)

A shift in genre takes place as the vocalists decide to delight us with melody “Heartbeat”. With heart pumping behind the song takes a slow note and melts us as they confess their love. With the lines “I can feel your heartbeat” the track switches to a happy tone with the rap line taking over the verses.

“Life is so Beautiful” comes next to lift up our mood again as Zuho begins with “Dhum Dhum Dha”. The song is yet another confession in a cooler tone. Being another product of the lead rapper, the sassy instruments play perfect enhancing the chorus “Life is so beautiful when I am drunk”.

There is again a travel by the valley as the vocalists take in charge of “Fall in Love” with the help of beautiful keyboard notes and drums. The ballad has a sad note as the members sing about their long gone love but an ease to our ears making us fall in love.

When the mood is set low, the next track “The Beat Goes On” gets on with a funk note. The song is a personal favorite of Youngbin as it deals with more of mystical elements, reminding of FANTASYs. The members acknowledge the listeners as a perfect fantasy and want to stay together in an endless universe. The beat inside our heart goes on even after the last track fades to the end repeating “It goes on”.

Narcissus surprisingly seems to be too short as we get bewitched with the nonet’s music work. The tracks are arranged perfectly giving us pops and melodies in a loop making us feel the hype and ease. In spite of much individual schedules and situations, the nine piece act has put in a good work as a team for their comeback.

 The album deals with variety of genres proving the various colors of the nonet. After listening to such beautiful works, all we could ask for is a full album soon as a feast. In future with much possibility we can expect SF9 reaching spotlight as Narcissus set the standards to heights.

Wishing them only the best from my side and the team.

Have you checked out SF9’s new album? If yes, let us know what you feel about it.


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