SF9 Release A Mythical MV “Enough”

From FNC Entertainment

SF9 released their most awaited sixth mini album Narcissus on February 20, the FANTASYs around the world escape to a whole new world. The nonet dealt with the theme of Greek mythology through their teasers and showcases the present trend of self love.

The single “Enough” is a darker and sexier version from their previous “Now or Never” as the members stand competitive to the visual gods.

The single

With fusion of EDM and pop blending together, the title track sounds perfect and is yet another unique piece from the nonet. The piercing pitches from the vocal line and composed verses from the rap line brings out the ultimate result. The lyrics focus on self praise with “You” representing the inner self.

SF9 takes up the role of Narcissus, the dark muse and amaze us as they show off their flawless faces in the light and shadow. Symbols like water, narcissus flower and mirrors helps in recapturing the myth in the music video. The viewers stay bewitched as the members come together to perform a heavy dance choreography involving multiple knee steps and swaying. The desirable aura and tempting charms keep us hooked up with the single, as it is irresistible.

From FNC Entertainment

The album Narcissus comes out with six unique tracks including the single. The rap line Youngbin, Hwi young and Zuho have participated greatly in contributing the lyrics, which is truly a delight.

Let us support the boys as they promote their new album and show how much love they actually deserve.

Don’t forget to check out their new single “Enough”.

Watch the video here. Let us know what you feel about SF9’s “Enough”.


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