SF9 Sweeps First Ever Win For “Good Guy” + Indian FANTASYs’ Messages

After much long wait, SF9 finally gets the recognition they deserve.

January 16 became one of a beautiful and most remarkable day in the lives of every FANTASY and SF9 as the nonet received their first-ever win in a music show for “Good Guy.” The group after almost three years of consistent hard work and hope finally became the stars of M Countdown today.

“SF9 deserves a win,” has always been the heartbreaking rant of every FANTASY, as the group flared as artists in both music and performance.  With numerous notable comebacks like “Now or Never,” “Enough,” and “O Sole Mio,” the nontet continuously had to return home without a reward during music shows. After the never-ending streaming and desperate prayers, the group of nine received their deserving title this evening. The boy group competed with the octet, ATEEZ in the final round and won scoring 4619 points ahead during the show.

With Good Guy being the first full album of the act and the first comeback to secure the win, the occasion could not be celebrated any better. The group expressed their genuine happiness and emotions as tears filled their eyes making them speechless on stage. Despite the members experiencing a burst of emotions, the leader, Youngbin and the eldest member, Inseong exchanged their words of gratitude to their fans.

The sentiments followed, as the fandom with high spirits trended #SF91stWIN and #SF9_1stWIN in various SNS platforms with heartfelt messages and wishes to the group.

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 Indian FANTASYs also shared few of their words with us congratulating the group.

“It’s taken us almost 3.5 years to get here! We’ve tried so many times, lost so many times because we weren’t strong enough…….but finally FANTASY is at a place where we can achieve this! Finally, we can give our SF9 what they deserve ❤ we’re all so proud of this album, and SF9’s first-ever win. We’re so proud of SF9! #GOODGUYfirstwin. Let’s climb higher and higher forever! No dream is too big!”Ishitaa, New Delhi

“You guys did really so well and amazing and you deserve more than this award, We all recognize how much sweat you have put into your work, You guys inspire us by this win after so long! SF9 hwaiting! We love u so much, thanks for everything u have done for us fantasies! Will always be your supporting fanboy!”Hariharan from Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

“THANK YOU SF9 FOR WORKING SO HARD. THANK YOU FOR WAITING FOR US AND NOT GIVING UP. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO LOVING. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXISTENCE. Knowing you was the best thing happened to me. 16.01.2020 would always be the HAPPIEST DAY of my life. I’m so proud of all 9 of you and our fantasy family. Let’s bring you more success and happiness together💞 Loads of love and support from Indian Fantasy.❤”Komal, Pune.

“I just want to say that……… This win is what you deserve. You all deserve more than this… We will always be with you even though we have our language barriers, we will make an effort to learn and become more aware of how we can support you more and more…To my MesSF9… WE LOVE YOU ALOT…”Sonali from Mumbai

As the group dreamt of, the year has started with such a positive note. With much more lies ahead in the future let us keep supporting the boys.

How happy are you to see SF9 hit the first win? Comment below!


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