SF9 Taeyang Gifts “Last Christmas” – Piano Version For FANTASY


FANTASY around the world is gifted in abundance this Christmas, as their favourite sunshine gifts them a sweet ballad cover.

On December 25, at Midnight KST, the vocalist surprised his fans by releasing a piano cover of “Last Christmas.” The song is one of the famous nostalgic Christmas tracks released on 1984 by an English pop duo, Wham. Many famous pop stars including Taylor Swift tried her had in covering the sweet-sounding pop song. The song was also covered by the famous septet, BTS with a fusion of both Korean and English lyrics.


Taeyang known as one of the instrumentalists of the group made the track sound even sweeter with refined key-board notes and mellow vocals. While his fingers gently lingered between the piano keys, the singer showcased his talent of covering a full English song. FANTASYs could feel their hearts whelmed with emotions as the lines sang about sweet-bitter love. Adding up to the angelic voice, Taeyang looked like an angel wearing white.


This is not the first time that Taeyang gifts his fans. His love for his fans was previously expressed through his dance covers and choreographies. The same month, the main dancer blessed FANTASYs with his dance covers for “Blank” from their Knights of the Sun album.

The video soon after release had a huge response from the audience, as mini-projects from Taeyang fan-sites were released to stream the video. FANTASY flooded the comments section of both Twitter and YouTube appreciating and wishing the artist.

Here we have few of our Indian FANTASYs responding to Taeyang’s new cover.

“SF9 and FANTASY are family, so of course we’re celebrating Christmas together ^^ such a lovely way to celebrate the holiday season 💗💗.” – Ishitaa, New Delhi

“Thank you for making this Christmas merrier. Hope you all have a very warm and happy Christmas with your family and loved ones. Be healthy and happy. We are always with you. ❤❤” – Komal, Pune, India.

“The voice that resonates heaven. Those divine hands glide over the piano nudging our hearts. Mesmerized I was, in his ethereal presence. Is the angel in disguise, who came to bless our souls.” – Pranathi.

SF9 has confirmed to have their 2020 comeback on 7th January. Further details are yet to be released in the upcoming days.

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