SF9 Takes Home Their Second Win For “Good Guy”


“Miracles is another name for hard work,” said Kang Tae Joon and we just witnessed one in the lives of SF9 members.

Who would have expected such a remarkable happening? We are sure that even SF9 wouldn’t have expected it coming. Just about 24 hours after the group’s first-ever music show win, the nonet once again scored a second win and took home the crystal trophy from today’s Music Bank show.

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January 17 already being a special day for the group with the group’s youngest member, Chani’s birthday was once again adorned with another beautiful happening. The group on ade its win against Red Velvet‘s “Psycho,” with 5,185 points and became the stars of the event.

As the results were announced, the members were shaken with the unexpected win and expressed their raw and genuine emotions. Tears started flooding from Zuho‘s eyes, as others tried hard to gain conscience from the shock. The eldest member, Inseong conveyed his honest reaction about the win and thanked their beloved fans, FANTASYs along with Dawon for making it happen.

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The excitement and happiness were found in double as the members danced and sang with joy after the win. The birthday boy, Chani was also fed a bowl of rice soup by the members to celebrate his special day.

Responding to the delightful win, FANTASYs around the world spammed Twitter with hashtags, #SF92ndWIN and #SF9_2ndWIN along with their wishes and love.

As we all agree, hard work and consistency pay off and it just did in SF9’s story. With a new chapter beginning, we are equally excited to see what more lies ahead of this 2020. 


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