SF9 Writes a Special History Book for Fantasy


SF9 and Fantasy “Shine Together” while emotionally penning down the Special History Book!

Celebrating love and companionship, the nine-member group, SF9 recently celebrated their fourth debut anniversary reminiscing the beautiful journey they had together with their beloved fans. The four-year journey seems to be the most beautiful years in the lives of Fantasy (fans of SF9) as they get to cherish every moment with the members. 

To celebrate the memorable occasion, the group decided to surprise fans with a self-written and produced album. With a quick notice, the nonet announced their special album for their anniversary – a perfect souvenir for their fans to treasure. 
The special album, Special History Book, comes out with three unique tracks including the heart-warming single, “Shine Together.”

The Single

“Shine Together” is a sweet-sounding melody that reminisces the members’ journey together with their loved ones a.k.a their fans. As the members recollect their experience through the years as an idol, they express their love and gratitude for the fans who have been their comfort. With mild instrumentals accompanying, Taeyang begins the verses singing, “Among the countless stars There is one star that was lost I wanted to protect it,” while gratifying the listeners with his sweet vocals. The song instantly smoothens the listening experience with its pleasing tune accompanied by the members’ mellow crooning and continues to comfort the fans with its emotional lyrics.

The song is written by Youngbin, Jaeyoon, Zuho, and Chani, and resonates genuine gratitude and goes down through the lane of cherished memories.  “I’m thankful for your love, that has helped me shine until now I will hold your hand. It’s my turn now,” goes the chorus, as the members promise to take the lead in the eternal journey together. Listening to the members harmonize and sing the lyrics of love and promise, we are left with a sense of contentment within fans and undoubtedly becomes an emotional anthem shared between the group and the fandom while holding on to each other firmly.

The Music Video

Similar to the heart-warming lyrics and music, the music video is an embodiment of warmth and comfort. The music video looks back on the four-year journey, with the members found in a record room, which looks like their archive. The members go through their belongings – cassettes, disks, videotapes, written music notes, posters, and signed polaroids – and these remind them of the blissful journey they had with their fans. The room also has numerous hand-written notes, which are supposed to be letters from the fans. As Rowoon, Zuho, and Taeyang read through the messages, they decide to decorate the entire room by sticking them on the walls, as it’s the fans’ support that made their journey beautiful. 

In the climax the members get together and enjoy watching their concert performances, fans’ chants in the arena, fanmeet clips, and videos from their debut era, Feeling Sensation. Watching the entire music video is a soul-stringing experience because the fans also get to relive through the years. 

The Album

The second track of the album, “Forever” is a contemporary R&B track written by Youngbin, Zuho, Hwiyoung, and Chani. “For a long, long, long time,” thus begins the song, and the lyrics emphasize the members receiving unconditional love from their fans which warms them to reciprocate the same back to them. With sweet vocals, the members give yet another track to hold and cherish the bond between the group and its fans. “I’ll protect you. I want to promise only one thing, you and me, the two of us for long, long, long time,” concludes the song, as these lines comfort the listeners with sincerity. 

“Love No.5” is an up-tempo that lightens the mood with its pop beats and peppy verses. The song is another distinct piece written by the quartet, Youngbin, Zuho, Hwiyoung, and Chani. The musical interludes and catchy chorus keeps the song interesting and quips the listeners sing and dance along to the rhythm. “We got the love no. 5. You got the love no.5,” goes the chorus, singing about how the nonet steps into the fifth year with their fans by their side. According to some of the fans, the lyrics indicate on the numerical value five, as the number five is considered to be an angel number that symbolises love. On the other hand, the digit can also mean the debut date of the group, which is greatly cherished by both parties.

Final Thoughts

It is no exaggeration to say that the album can move every listener into tears. The fact that the album is self-produced by the members themselves for their fans gives a deeper meaning to the lyrics and the music. As  Helen Keller rightly said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart,” the album paves a way for the group and its listeners to relive the meaningful journey together with all their hearts.

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From the DKPOP Team, we wish SF9 a fruitful year ahead! Happy 4th Anniversary SF9!! 


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