5 Beautiful Scenes in ‘She Was Pretty’

5 beautiful moments from the hit drama 'She Was Pretty'


In every drama, there are few scenes which makes us want to revisit it over and over again and ‘She was Pretty’ was no exception.

Although Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon did have an uncomfortable amount of chemistry for a pair of siblings in the ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ drama, this mesmerizing romantic comedy drama showed the other side. Along with them, the other leads- the free spirited Kim Shin Hyuk(Choi Siwon) and the stylish Min Ha Ri(Go Joon Hee) managed to enthrall everyone. This is probably why the drama received such great reviews and well, it was Siwon’s last drama before his enlistment and he made sure we watched it sporting an unshaved look, he sure looked hot and as always, the viewers were stuck with which character to support!

We are sure that everyone has their own personal favorite moments from the drama and the task to look for the beautiful moments from one of the best dramas of 2015 was breathtaking as well as difficult but here’s our take on the 5 beautiful scenes of the hit drama, ‘She Was Pretty’ according to us .

1. When Hye Jin got trapped alone in the elevator with Sung Joon after avoiding him from the very beginning
As the elevator begins to malfunction, she gets so frantic and out of breath that Sung Joon finally approaches her to calm her down and silently puts an earphone on her ear where she hears “Close to You,” that was the same song with which she used to calm him down all years ago. (Episode 2)



2. Hye Jin and Sung Joon rode to a business meeting together and ended up at a restaurant-
After a hectic day, While having dinner, they talked about music and dramas and discovered that they have nearly identical taste that they didn’t realize how the time flew and the restaurant was about to close. Sung Joon also shares the reason for his panic attacks unaware of the fact that Hye Jin already knows. (Episode 7)




  1. The airport scene-

    While returning from the airport, Sung Joon felt dizzy and collapsed and was rushed to the hospital while Hye Jin was waiting at the airport. She returned back with disappointment and gets to know about Sung Joon’s condition. Seeing Hye Jin tensed, Shin Hyuk takes her to the hospital with a heavy heart. This scene was just so enthralling. (Episode 12)




  1. When Hye Jin and Sung Joon decided to get married

    – Ha Ri invited Hye Jin out for dinner on the eve of the wedding where they recalled and cherished their childhood memories. After dinner, Ha Ri presented Hye Jin with a garland and bouquet of flowers that she made herself and this overwhelmed Hye Jin so much. Cheers to the lovely best friends forever~ (Episode 16)




  1. The heartbreaking moment when Hye Jin is unable to get in touch with Sung Joon –

    It forced her to imagine Sung Joon with a terrible fever, collapsed and alone or stuck in his car in the heavy rain with a panic attack. Feeling helpless, she tried calling him again and there he was, in front of her. She ran through the rain and tightly hugged him with her heart exploding with emotions and surprise. Their love couldn’t let them stay apart. (Episode 16)



 This was our favorite moments of ‘She Was Pretty’! Tell us yours!


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