SHINee Named ‘Asia’s Best Group’ at East Billboard Music Awards

SHINee become the first K-Pop act to win the title of 'Asia's Best Group' at the 23rd East Billboard Music Awards


SHINee became the first K-Pop to ever be honoured with the title of ‘Asia’s Best Group‘ at the 23rd East Billboard Music Awards 2016!

The boys showed their gratitude for the prestigious title in their award acceptance speech saying that they were honored to be able to attend such a great award ceremony and that they were really thankful for the meaningful award. They proceeded thanking their fans and promised to work hard as a group and show a better image in the future.

Not only did they score an amazing award and title, the boys of SHINee treated the audience to a performance of their hit single “View” and the group’s maknae Taemin also performed his latest single “Press Your Number“.

The ‘East Billboard Music Awards‘ is an annual award show launched in 1994 by East Satellite TV which is one of Chinna’s top broadcasting stations. The 23rd ‘East Billboard Music Awards‘ 2016 awards ceremony was attended by several prominent names in the Asian entertainment industry including G.E.M, Zhou Bichang, Zhang Jie, SNH48 amongst which SHINee was the only K-Pop artist!

The five membered boy group is one of the few top K-Pop acts to have maintained all its original members and to have successfully exceeded the general K-Pop group lifespan of five years. With their hugely loyal and international fanbase of Shawols and successive string of hits, SHINee have proved time and time again that they are here to stay.

Congratulations to the boys of SHINee!

In the meantime, check out some of the fancams from the awards ceremony below!

[Fancam] “View”

[Fancam] Interview


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