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SHINee World India Fan Club Donates Towards Girl’s Education To Celebrate Late Kim Jonghyun Birthday & More!!

With the world celebrating the BIRTHDAY Of Late Kim JongHyun, fans from India are also celebrating it in a special way. SHINee World India Fan Club have come together with 3 projects to celebrate this special day.

Inspired by Jonghyun’s thought of helping girls, SHINee World India has donated Rs.13,200/- to an Indian charity named ‘Chyesta’ in Bhubaneshwar, India for girls’ children education. Fans from India and all over the world took part for this great cause.

{kpop-india}SHINee World India Fan Club Donates Towards Girl’s Education To Celebrate Late Kim Jonghyun Birthday & More!!FB IMG 1523164067516 300x300 {kpop-india}Single Cloud Template – Fast NewsFB IMG 1523164067516 300x300

SHINee World India has also collaborated with restaurant named SNOW’ORA, in Bangalore, India and dedicated one special drink named “Bling Jjong” on Jonghyun’s birthday. This drink will be available from 8th April, 2018 to 8th May, 2018 in the above mentioned place.

{kpop-india}SHINee World India Fan Club Donates Towards Girl’s Education To Celebrate Late Kim Jonghyun Birthday & More!!FB IMG 1523164056634 {kpop-india}Single Cloud Template – Fast NewsFB IMG 1523164056634 {kpop-india}SHINee World India Fan Club Donates Towards Girl’s Education To Celebrate Late Kim Jonghyun Birthday & More!!FB IMG 1523164053282 247x300 {kpop-india}Single Cloud Template – Fast NewsFB IMG 1523164053282 247x300

The third project includes a video project wishing their Angel Jonghyun, named ‘Rose Love For Jonghyun‘ where fans from different parts of India and different parts of the world have sent their Birthday wishes for Jonghyun. You can check out the video below

Kim Jonghyun was born on 8th April, 1990 in South Korea. He debuted as a part of 5 member boy group SHINee with his fellow band members Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin on 25th May, 2008 under SM entertainment, South Korea’s one of the most leading entertainment company. In 2015 he debuted as a solo artist. He has 5 solo albums released since then. “Poet| Artist” is his latest artwork released on 23rd January, 2018.

He has showcased his multiple talents as Songwriter, Composer, Singer and Radio DJ excelling in every field he stepped in. He participated in song writing and composing not only for his band and his solo works but also for other artists and fellow band member Taemin. IU’s “Gloomy Clock”, Exo’s “Playboy” are some of the examples of many. He wrote and composed a beautiful song named “Breathe” for solo artist Lee Hi from YG Entertainment.

He joined as a Radio DJ for MBC Blue Night Radio on 2014 and continued his journey more than 3 years and created a soothing and comfortable space between listeners and him. He released a lots of self written and self composed songs during his broadcasts. “End Of A Day”, “Warm Winter”, “Elevator” – can be given examples from those beautiful, soothing and comfortable songs. On 2nd April, 2017 he stepped down from his DJ position when fans all over the world sent him letters and gifts with Indian fans been significant in number too.
Jonghyun was a Social Speaker too. He always stood for justice.

He successfully completed his 42nd solo concerts with houseful records of attendees on 10th December, 2017. He passed away on 18th December, 2017.

Angel Kim Jonghyun will always be remembered in people’s heart through his music and his fans will keep that love and music treasured always.
Happy Birthday Jonghyun. – SHINee World India Fan Club

DKPOP family applauds all the fans who took part in this wonderful project. Keep up the good work. God bless. Happy Birthday Kim Jonghyun!


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