SHINee’s back! with “1 0f 1”


SHINee is Back!

Back With new track, ‘1 of 1’ MV, watch SHINee’s latest video for their latest album.

SHINee is a Kpop boy group that debuted 8 years ago under SM Entertainment. With unique and beautiful vocals, mad dancing skills to sass that could slay any fashion statement. They are known for having one of the best ballads in the Kpop industries but also one of the first few acts to have difficult choreography that broke the simple standard of being a kpop idol.

The 5 members are of a group where visuals are also at it’s best, but also a group with personalities shining so bring that even the reflection from a diamond wouldn’t stand a chance against theirs.

Furthermore, SHINee is one group that had always been the ones with peppy outfits and colorful and their personalities combined. And this new track and MV proved that they are still SHINee.

” 1 of 1 ” MV has funky, retro and back to the 80’s feel to it. Get those vintage fashion back on too. The sound of the track went hand in hand with the outfits and Choreography. And we all know SHINee is one who were always known for their choreography. Unfortunately due to the injury, Leader Onew had then (while filming the MV), he had to sit on most or all scenes of the MV. But the arrangement was made such that ‘awkwardness’ in seeing Onew sitting down did not exist at all, specially if you aren’t a Shawol, ‘Onew Condition’ is real.

SHINee pulled a ‘James Bond meets Austin powers’ in the MV.  Support them by watching their MV and you know this track if all about you and SHINee and keep following us for more update on SHINee’s comeback.

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