SHINee’s Key to be Special Editor for Elle Magazine!

SHINee's Key to write a special column for Elle magazine as a special editor


SHINee’s Key has dabbled in several different professions since debut and already has the tags fashionista, model, musical actor and idol attached to his name. But apparently the gorgeous artist is all set to add yet another profession to his ever growing repertoire.

The SHINee visual is all set to become a special editor for ‘Elle Korea‘!

He will be writing a special column called ‘Key Story‘ for ‘Elle Korea’ and will be creating his own content for the column and will also be selecting his own images for the special section.

Via the fashion magazine’s official Instagram (@ellekorea), the artist shared that he wants to hurry up and write honest articles. He adds that he thinks it is better to not limit himself with a specific genre as everyone has their own know-hows, their own experiences. He goes on to say that he personally thinks he does a lot of research and that he think it would be best to bring readers enjoyment through unique objectives, even for readers who may not necessarily be his fans.

What do you think of Key’s foray into the editorial world?

Are you looking forward to reading his column?


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