‘Signal’ May Have Another Season


Signal,’ a tvN drama which started airing on January 22, 2016 has completed its course with 16 episodes. The drama starring Lee Je Hoon, Cho Jin Woong and Kim Hye Soo revolves around how a detective from 1986 is able to talk to a case profiler from 2016 via a walkie talkie. They are able to solve cases and even prevent accidents from happening. Although, a murder case steps in which none of them notices.

Because of the great story line and cast, people have loved the drama and are anticipating another season. On this pretext, the script writer of ‘Signal’ Kim Eun Hee was interviewed.

Kim Eun Hee shared that she didn’t have any thoughts regarding a season of the drama while she was writing the script. She added that the storyline is such where a sequel is possible and she will be obliged to write it. According to her, the impact of the second season will be amazing if the present cast continue with their roles. And if this is feasible, then she will love to work with the director Kim Won Seok again.

Kim Eun Hee told that nothing has been finalized as yet but she is thinking about the probable plot for the next season.

What are your thoughts about another season of ‘Signal’?


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