Siwon, Donghae and Changmin Enjoy Their Military Vacation

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Looks like SM idols Super Junior Siwon , Donghae and TVXQ Changmin are having fun time with fellow soldiers during their free time.

On 11th April these three SM stars were seen hanging out on the streets of Namsan tower along with other soldiers spending quality time while relaxing and taking walk with their friends.

A friend of them posted group photos on his Instagram which have been widely circulating in Twitter. In the photos all three idols looked comfortable in their casual clothes without covering their faces. It looks like our precious idols are adjusting well to the military life and also made a good group friends.

Donghae was enlisted as conscripted police officer on October 15th last year, while Siwon and Changmin enlisted on November 19th at the same time. They are currently serving in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as members of promotional unit, where they work together to promote police force and conduct charity events by making use of their talents which includes theatrical play, musical and short films to which the money is used for the people in need.

Here are some photos of the idols from their vacation:

Kpop India

Kpop India

Kpop India

Have fun guys, we will be waiting for you !


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