SM Confirms Kai and Krystal are Dating !


Rumors of Exo Kai and F(x) Krystal’s dating swept around Kpop industry after Dispatch released pictures of the two idols having secret dates and meetings . While fans were speculating whether it’s true or an April fool’s prank. Shortly after the news was released an SM official confirmed they are indeed dating, the representative also further stated that Kai and Krystal have been friends for a long time and they recently started having deeper feelings for each other. Fans who have been following them won’t be surprised with the rumors but this is the first time SM have reported a confirmation on their relationship.
We hope this is true and not another prank because we are really happy for both of them .

20160401083401_lsh_0498__99_20160401102104 {kpop-india}SM Confirms Kai and Krystal are Dating !20160401083401 lsh 0498  99 20160401102104What are your thoughts on this ? Even after the confirmation do you believe it’s true or maybe it’s a whole new level of Prank played on the poor heart broken fans ?

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