SM STATION’s Next Artist Is SHINee Jonghyun ft. Heritage

Sixth Release on SM STATION is Heritage x Jonghyun


The next release lined up on SM ‘STATION’ will be a collaboration track by SHINee’s Jonghyun with the vocal group Heritage.

On midnight of March 15th SM Entertainment released a short snippet of the upcoming single ”Your Voice” in the form of a video. The upcoming single seems to leans towards an acoustic pop track accompanied with guitar harmony. The song will be released coming Friday, March 18th via SM Station.

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SHINee’s power vocal Jonghyun’s track will be the 6th release on SM STATION. Girls Generation Yoona’s first solo single Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway ft. south Korean indie band 10 cm was the last week’s release on the Station. Past releases includes the duet track titled Spring Love by Red Velvet’s Wendy and Eric Nam and Yoon Mi Rae’s Because of You amongst others.

STATION is a digital sound public channel of SM that releases new songs every Friday which will go on for an entire year. Through STATION, SM brings forward collaborations of its own artists with other artists and their agencies.

In more of SHINee’s Jonghyun news, the young artist had also recently collaborated with HIGHGRND to compose Lee Hi’s title track “Breathe”. Checkout the short video of the upcoming single by Heritage x Jonghyun below.

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