SNL Korea Criticized For Their Female Staff Molesting Male Idol Groups


Female comedians of SNL Korea cast are being criticised for their inappropriate actions towards idol groups INFINITE, BLOCK B AND B1A4.

Several videos have come to light in which the female members can clearly be seen “groping” the private parts of the male idols who are completely flustered away by this action and look uncomfortable.


The responses of the fans from sns sites clearly show hatred towards SNL and their female staff. One of the female comedian Lee Se Young, even took it as a compliment on an interview show when mentioned and said, “Yes I touched them all”. This action of her disgusted the fans even more who are now demanding her to leave the show.

Some insiders have also revealed that this “ceremony” is being faced by every male idol group and SNL has confessed it only after the videos have surfaced to light.

B1A4 was recently asked on their showcase about the incident and they revealed that they were in a bit of shock when the incident happened to them. But when they looked at the video themselves, they realised that their fans might be worried. They are planning to take an action towards it.

This kind of behaviour with topmost idol groups should definitely not be happening and moreover, on a show like this. Furthermore, the attitude of the SNL staff towards it have left the fans utterly disgusted. What are your thoughts on it?


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