So, you just purchased a brand new fake id?


You’ve gotten your shiny new fake ID and now you want to use it. But how? This is what this guide will explain. Firstly, stay away from bars, clubs, and liquor stores that are known to be very strict. The last thing you want is your fake ID being taken away or having the cops called on you. Only go to these places once you build up enough confidence and have made sure your ID is super high quality (Correct UV, holograms, kinegrams, window, scans, raised text, OVI, etc..). Not every state has all these security features so do your research. Something else to note is that you should not be using an ID of the state you’re in (eg. don’t use an Ohio fake id in Ohio) since people will know the ID better than others. Ideally you should use a fake ID from a nearby state.

The key to using a fake ID successfully is 90% confidence and 10% ID quality. If you walk into a liquor store looking like McLovin and hand them your ID with a sweaty, shaky hand they’re going to be incredibly suspicious and will pay more attention to the ID whereas if you look super confident they’ll take a quick glance at the ID and you’ll be good. So act like you’re 21 and be confident! Make small talk with the clerk, ask them for a drink recommendation, do something! Also, if you have a questionable ID consider using the clear ID slot of your wallet instead of handing the card to them. It will hide a lot of flaws of the ID and isn’t very suspicious.

If you’re trying to get into a bar or club they will likely be much stricter than a gas station or Walmart. Before going to one you should make sure your ID scans with the correct information by using an app such as Bar and Club Stats. You should also have all the info on your ID memorized like your address, DOB, zip code as well as other questions the bouncers can ask you like the year you graduated, your county, state capital, state nickname, and license plate slogan. If you can bullshit well and think on your feet this is not a major issue though.

Finally if your ID gets taken don’t put up a fight or make a scene. Politely leave and don’t ever go back to that bar. Using a fake ID is a felony in some states and you do not want that fucking up your life so accept the loss and order a new, hopefully better one.




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