Song Hye Kyo Thinks She Should Get Married Fast?

Read on to find out what Song Hye Kyo has to say about her life at the moment!


Actress Song Hye Kyo is without a doubt one of the most beautiful actresses we have in the Korean entertainment industry and although it has already been 20 years since her debut, she still looks as young as before!

In a recent interview, the actress was asked how it is like to live life as Song Hye Kyo, to which she replied that earlier when she was younger, she had many friends but as time passed by and as she grew older, her friend circle has also reduced. She adds that she likes to spend time with people who understands her and likes her the way she is. “Like other normal people, I cry when the times are hard for me, go out and drink with my friends and also get angry with people with whom I am close to.”, she adds.

Naming each member of the ‘Medical Team’ and ‘Team Alpha’ from “Descendants of the Sun”, Song Hye Kyo expressed how thankful she is for the new friendships she has got through the series and stated that she keeps in touch with everyone from the cast.

Expressing her views on marriage, Song Hye Kyo said, at times, she feels she needs to get married fast but some times, she also feels she does not need to get married as she is enjoying her life now doing what she likes the most! “But I should get married fast, right?”, she jokingly adds!

Whether she gets married or not, we will always continue to love this beautiful and talented actress, won’t we?


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