Song Joong ki adds a new record to his profile!


As K-world is buzzing with DOTS Descendants of the sun syndrome , the main lead of the drama Song Joong Ki has achieved a feat which no Korean star has been able to do so till now. He is the first celebrity to appear directly on KBS News 9 program which is broadcast through out South Korea and the world .Song Joong Ki also stated that he has achieved another dream by appearing on this show saying how he always wanted to be an announcer.
Watch the video for more details .

kpop india {kpop-india}Song Joong ki adds a new record to his profile!song joong kiHere’s Captain Yoo Shi Jin for everyone . SALUTE!

We think that DOTS could totally become a Smurf version of K-world because We definitely DOTS (love) the Drama . Do you agree with us ? Leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts on it.


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