Song Review: Body (Mino)


Song: Body
Artist: Mino

As a singular standing song, Song Mino’s Body is a slow and sexy mirror to Bobby’s Holup!. So much so, that they are at par with each other in their deliverance.

Bobby and Mino have characteristically different styles and feel, when it comes to their rap. While Bobby is from traditional KHip-Hop in the sense that he uses his words as metaphors of his strength as a rapper. Mino, on the other hand, uses witty lines and idioms to bring attention to who he is as a person and his personal woes. Rap as a genre, much like music, depends entirely on the artist itself. But in this song, Mino delivered a very YG sort of content, on a track that was well-fit for him. With his low-tone voice and his suave rap style, this song was the perfect choice for Mino.

At first listen, Body is the kind of song you listen to in the middle of night when you’re alone or with some close friends gathered for a social drink. It doesn’t get you hyped up, but more of a slow and sexy sway. Though the feel of the song may be mellow, it’s lyrics are nothing short of personal and scandalous.  Mino, as a rapper, has always delivered rap that is a bit on the scandalous side (much like GDragon) but has managed to do it with class – because of the sense that they carry with them.

Even with this song, he begins with the chorus (an unlikely beginning for several rappers) and it takes a faster pace when it reaches the repetitive bridge. I’ve mentioned before that a good song keeps you hooked until the end, because it’s not repetitive. I feel like the song was lost on me when the bridge repeated for the 2nd time, but it’s only a personal opinion. Other than that, the song does have several accolades to hold itself up on a pedestal.

As co-composer and lyricist, I think Mino has done a pretty good job of providing class A content. I wouldn’t call this his best (very few tracks go up against ‘Fear’) but I do believe he is breaking out of the mould that WINNER is. He ventured into a rather jazz temperament with this song, but managed to maintain his cool and sexy image until the end (both in the song and the video). Future Bounce, has provided some amazing beats to act as the base for this song but it has to be the production that does it for me. If you listen carefully, you can pick out the slow hum of a brass-y feel to the track, akin to the hum of a car engine. It doesn’t quite stand out, but if the song were to do without it, it would definitely make a huge difference.

In comparison with his unit member Bobby’s earlier release, Body is definitely a song that takes over your playlist after a few listens. It’s not a first-hear hit, but much like YG’s oldest running rapper GD, the song has a honest and raw feeling that accompanies any loneliness you might be feeling.

Be careful, Body might just become your next jam.


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