Starship Planet ‘SOFTLY’ seeping into your hearts with their new MV [Review]




Softlyfeels like the first snow in your heart this December. Starship Planet got together and made a warm & Sweet collaboration with K.will, Sistar, BOYFRIEND, Mad Clown, Junggigo, Jooyoung, Yoo SEUNGWOO, MONSTA X, Brother Su, and Exy this winter!

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At the end of their successful 5th year, Starship Planet dropped a wonderful winter single to show their gratefulness and appreciation to the fans for all the love they’ve poured on all the artists and the company by this charity track Softly’.
It’s an Eye shot music video with a Christmas theme, the visuals gives affectionate and warm vibes of a cozy holiday as Exy curls up while sipping coffee , Hyolyn purring and KWill reading a novel as he listens to Brother Su playing the piano. With Christmas decorations dangling around and everyone’s bright smiles the concept of sharing and confessing love on the first day of snow shines brightly in every moment of the video.
Waking up and being excited about the day in this freezing season depicts the signs of a sparkly new love as the girl plays with the poodle couple and being all enthusiastic about the winter’s snow and without even knowing just by the thought of him it’s making Dasom and Bora’s winter exceptionally special.

As he is watches the snow fall softly while humming songs, smiling blissfully and thinking about someone whom he’s waiting and longing to hold hands with as expressed in the lyrics,

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With the arrival of an invitation the boys started getting dress and happily decorating the Christmas tree for the big party hoping to meet that someone who’s making their heart race again and again. The scene illustrates the frenzy of zeal and spirit with a tint of nervousness towards their new found love.

In the end, the grand family get together to share their happy moments and love to one another. They are shown feeding each other and smiling from ear to ear which makes you smile automatically. Sadly Soyu is missing in the music video but her voice filled up the emptiness.
Isn’t December about sharing love? Family? Being together with someone you love? Mending hearts?
Seeing their faces filled with affection makes you realize it is finally December! Time to share some love !

The music on the other hand couldn’t get any better. All the 15 beautiful voices of angels on this Christmas season singing to the composition of THE NAME and Megatone. The music is a mild tempo R&B Soul track with a heart-warming melody and the lyrics are just cherries on top though simple but effective which makes the music perfect for your winter’s playlist.
Share love this winter and keep someone warm with affection like this Music Video ‘Softly’.







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