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SM Station Season 2 Teaser release + COLLABORATION WITH INDIA!!

It seems like 2017 have come like a reward for all the K-pop fans for successfully getting through 2016. The year so far has been filled with comebacks or news of comebacks or fans becoming Sherlock and hinting a comeback before any official statement.

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Work of our very own Sherlocks

For the Indian Fans. The Hallyu wave is at its full swing this year after making us wait for like decades. We weren’t even able to fully recover from the reveal, at the end of last year, that a K-pop artist wanna visit India, that we were hit by some more intriguing news at the start of this year.

First, one of our national channels broke the news that they will start showing one of South Korea’s most famous drama “Descendants of the sun”

Now, S.M entertainment released the teaser for the second season of its digital music channel SM STATION giving us another jaw-dropping, eye-popping, head-turning news. The new season will feature collaborations with artists from across the world like United Kingdom, France, INDIA, Thailand etc. Did you do a double-take there? I’m pretty sure you did, but believe me, it’s not a prank and India is actually on the list. Talk about miracles!!

Check out the teaser below and try to locate India/ Bharat in it:

There will be season based projects in this Station division i.e SM Summer Vacation and SM Winter Garden. Along with this SM is calling out to all the ambitious artists, composers, producers or primarily anyone who is interested in sharing their music through SM Station’s channel as a part of “Open Station”.

The weekly releases will begin in March. Until then tell us which Indian artist you probably think will collab with SM artists?

I bet there are many such news to come. Fighting!! Keep spreading the Hallyu. 


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