Stray Kids Become Daring in “Side Effects”


Stray Kids experiment on life and music in their latest single “Side Effects.”

The outgoing nonet marked their comeback on June 19 with their mini album Cle’ 2: Yellow Wood following their previous the first album, Cle’ 1: Miroh of their Cle’ series. The title track named “Side Effects” was also released on the same day at 6:00 pm KST. Stray Kids known for their fierce energy once again proclaims to rule over chaos. By taking a decision on their own, the members are forced to venture through diversified emotions and fear in the single.

The Single

Following the steps of their prior released singles, “Side Effects” is another upbeat EDM pop with explosive sounds and addictive chorus. The long wait carried from the already released teasers is smothered in the very second listening to Seungmin start a deep verse with his never noticed low voice. With a perfect blend of soaring vocals and roaring rap verses, the track becomes a pop for every listener.

The track produced and written by 3RACHA (the producing subunit of Stray Kids) explores the harsh reality during the run of life. With a repetitive chorus “My head hurts,” the lyrics express the act’s devastated and anxious mood. A recorded note along with the chorus reveals the side effects of the outlying journey as anxiety, agitation, nausea, nervousness, and so on which can be found more relatable to the listeners. Set in an unusual structure, the earsplitting piece might give an unpleasant first listen but soon tunes our ears to fall in love with the chaotic pop.

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The video complementing the complicated track includes various puzzles, signs, and symbols unraveling the birth of a new theory. The music video begins with a yellow bus dropping the members in a deserted area as they chose to travel the though route for success. The trip gets disorderly and messy, making Hunjin anxious at every move of his mate.

The journey turns Topsy Turvy and blocks their way as misunderstandings and confusions toss them around. When the night takes over the day, the path looks even more difficult as the members compare themselves in a passive journey in the bus going through the lane. In spite of the regrets, the nonet decides to fight back screaming against the odds as fearless beasts. Adding up to the audio and visuals, the powerful and effective choreography with various formations has gathered much attention among the audience. The concluding clip stands out from the driven plot as Hunjin is found lying under a bridge, when the other members Bangchan, Han, Seungmin, I.N, Woojin, Lee Know, Felix and Changbin gather around with smiles and take him along with them. The mysterious music doesn’t stop until revealing a lonely key found half drowned in water, letting the fans come up with their own answers.

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Cle’2: Yellow Wood consists of seven tracks including their prior released Mixtapes and three new tracks “Road Not Taken,” “TMT” and the single. With the newly released album, Stray Kids not only speaks for themselves but for every troubled individual in reality. Their daring courage to speak and experiment through music is an inevitable reason for their recognition worldwide. No wonder that these kids have so much in store to blow us in the near future too. Let’s make sure to support them through the run.

Did you give a listen to Stray Kids’ new single “Side Effects”?

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