Stray Kids Release Teasers For “Mixtape: Gone Days” Project


Stray Kids aren’t planning to slow down even during the end month of the year.

STAYs around the world hardly blinked their eye and here is a new project to race their heartbeats. On December 23, Stray Kids released a surprising teaser image teasing the fans about the upcoming mixtape project. With the title “Gone Days,” the image of a briefcase and a computer screen with various folders open were released. The mystery started to unravel, as STAYs began connecting the dots to unravel the theories from their pre-debut stages.

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The title track, “Gone Days” solely produced by the chief producing sub-unit, 3RACHA will be released on the 26th of December at 6:00 pm KST. The song becomes the group’s second release of the month, as they made their iconic comeback with the single, “LEVANTRE” along with a mini-album, which made its highest selling in the first week.

Following the teaser schedules, the group startled the fans by releasing teaser images for the mixtape at 12:00 midnight on 24th December, just as a perfect Christmas Eve present. The images are totally twenty in number, comprising 4 group images and 16 individual teaser images.

The Group Teasers:

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The images are divided into two sets, as the members role-play as students in a classroom in one and are seen as a gang hanging out together in the living room, on the sofa before a T.V on the other. In both the versions, the members can be seen wearing the same bright teen clothing with petite emojis drawn beside them.

The Individual Images:

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Each member role-plays as different types of students in their individual teasers. The leader, Bang Chan portraits the music freak of the class with his headphones on, when Lee Know smirks at us, as the Romeo with numerous sticky notes stuck on his table.

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Our rapper, Changbin is the artistic kiddo with a paint palette on his desk. Hunjin seems like the playful or the naughty one in the class assembling erases as Domino blocks.

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Han is the foodie with a lunch box right at his table, while Felix is seen as the sassy gamer of the class obsessed with video games.

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As we all know, the brainy student of the class is none other than our genius, Seungmin with piles of books stacked on his table. The youngest, I.N is the biggest fanboy of Stray Kids, as he is seen to be the happiest among the eight with his favourite idols’ postcards and lightstick.

The boys look insanely handsome and cute, making the STAYs heartthrob for the mixtape release. Are you excited about Stray Kids’ new mixtape? Comment Below!


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