Stray Kids Releases New Teaser For Their Comeback


Guess who is coming?

It’s Stray Kids all around the World!

One of the most expected comebacks of March will also add Stray Kids’ in the lineup. And here they are the mind blowing rookies of 2018. With prior information, the act confirmed to make a comeback this month with schedules and video being filmed already.

As a surprise the nonet released their first teaser video of 28 minutes with puzzles and clues buried in. Now, it is our STAYs time to unravel them all.

 The video brings shots of their previous comeback “I am You” followed by scenes that make it out from a tunnel through a key hole. The album is titled as Clé1: Mihor, Clé is Key in French when Mihor is the Korean pronunciation of Maze. With the title symbolized in the form of a Key and Lock, the act is expected to bring us more awaited theories.

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Stray Kids Twitter

Stray Kids will be releasing their new album on March 25, exactly after their one year of debut.

Who is excited for Stray Kids’ comeback like us? Let us know what you feel.

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